When it comes to style and variations, engagement rings have come a long way. The stone setting is a major factor that creates the main difference between them. There is a variety of styles and shapes for stones and ring designs. You can either get a simple solitaire ring with just one gemstone or you can choose from a series of styles like a halo setting with multiple stones. Choosing the perfect ring for the engagement can be a bit of an overwhelming experience for some people. Worry not, we have compiled a complete guide for you.

This blog will enlighten you about all the ring styles. Furthermore, we’ll also discuss some of the gemstone positions and color variations. Keep reading to get a clear picture.

Rings with Prongs

This is one of the most elegant and tried designs you can get for your partner. Rings with prongs have a single or multiple prongs to hold the gemstone. You can get a wide range of prong designs and shapes. For example, if you are going with a single stone then you can order a plain peg setting for your ring. Similarly, for multiple stones, you can choose a variation prong setting. To further elaborate, let’s take a look at some of the popular prong settings in rings.

Even number prongs – if you are thinking about getting a princess cut diamond, a four-prong ring would be a perfect choice for you. This kind of ring would enhance your gemstone making your ring highly elegant and classy at the same time. On the other hand, if you have decided to get a marquise-cut gemstone, a six-prong ring would be fitted for you. The only downside would be a lot of metal covering your stone.

Peg & basket – these are some of the most popular and graceful styles in the prong category. In peg style, you have an elevated gemstone supported by four prongs. Not only it enriches your ring design but also it makes the ring extremely pretty and desirable. On the other hand, a basket prong is exactly as it sounds. This design does not have an accent. Many people prefer this style because of the gemstone’s security and safety.

Square & bridge – when you look at a square prong, you will see the minimal design with a supple stone setting. The angled edges certainly add beauty and permanence to your ring design. If you are thinking about getting multiple gemstones on your ring, then you should get the bridge prong style. Not only will you see more gemstones but also a very classy and unique assortment.

Some of the other prong settings include lotus, v shape, split & double, and leaf prong. Since a ring with a prong looks extremely attractive and minimalist, many people prefer choosing this design. Lastly, you can choose from a wide range of variations based on your gemstone quantity and size.

Rings with Halos

If you are thinking about a robust design that compliments multiple stones, look no further. Halo design is essentially a prong style but with multiple stones and a platform. Rings with this design usually have a large gemstone at the center of the ring. Many small stones are surrounding the big stone. All of these stones are supported by a large platform or a halo.

This design set does not bind you to get a specific cut gemstone. You can use your desired cut stone in this type of ring. If you are thinking about an engagement ring that makes everyone say “wow” then the halo style is the one for you. Since you have more room, you can play with the design all you want. In addition, you can create a different variation for your gemstone assortment. For example, you can choose from oval, pear shape, arc reactor, and round halo.

Rings with Tension Settings

Last but not least are the rings with tension settings. These rings usually have a gemstone at the center that appears to be floating in the air. In reality, this stone is bound by two arms of the rings. You can put nearly every stone in this setting. The design of this ring looks truly futuristic and amazingly minimal.

If you are thinking of a style that enhances your gemstone with its settings, then this design is a must for you. The style is a complete balance of science and elegance at the same time. An engagement ring with a tension setting has the ability to get a “yes” from your partner. Some of the most desired tension settings include bypass, faux bypass, and faux cathedral.

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