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  1. We take 100% Surety in the Purity & Weight of the Gold/Silver in the jewellery Item we manufacture, In Case of any enquiry with respect to Purity & Grams for the jewellery please contact us. We will take full responsibility if any discrepancy is seen and is brought to us.
  2. We will not take any claims on Purity & Weight of Gold / Silver on our jewellery if its Melted or is not brought to us for testing and rechecking in case of any discrepancy.
  3. Gold & Diamond Jewellery sold by Asavir will be bought back for the same Invoiced value Mentioned in our invoice Within 3 years after the invoiced date.
  4. The Gold Karatage value is the round-off figure of the actual purity of the jewellery Mentioned in the invoice.