When it comes to proposals, usually there are two types. First, where you plan everything with impeccable attention to detail. You do everything right and then you pop the question with a stunning engagement ring. But not everyone can be that articulate. Some people need their family to make everything right. In either case, your ring creates the first real impression on your partner. If you do not have the perfect ring, everything can go south from there.

Not everyone has certain knowledge when it comes to engagement rings. Many people prefer what a salesman pushes them. If you are planning to propose someone special, keep reading. This article will talk about the top reasons to choose a ring with multiple stones, three to be specific. Let’s start.

Low Profile

You may be thinking why a ring with three stones would have a low profile. You are right to ask that question. But imagine a ring with a big stone in the center halo. That bright and shiny diamond would take all the attention. Having a single stone ring on your finger may seem imposing.

The curvature you get with a three-stone ring is just perfect. In addition, it would be a wise choice to go for a three-stone ring instead of a big diamond because of its more contouring & less bloated nature. These kinds of rings would be shiny and sparkly but they would not snag in your sweater or clothes if that’s what you are worried about. Furthermore, this ring would have more profile than a wedding band. The standout feature of these rings is that they look way more expensive than they are. The maintenance of these rings does not cost much.

More Stones for Less Money

If you have decided to opt for a bigger stone ring then you should know that a bigger stone might cost you a lot of money. As you increase the weight and carats, the price goes up exponentially. On the other hand, if you are going for a ring with multiple stones, you will be getting the same amount of carats with less money. It is a win-win situation for you.

Another reason to choose this type of ring is that you can cover your finger with a bigger ring. This way you will have three stones on your finger instead of a bigger cushion-cut diamond. The amount of money you will be spending would be a lot less in reality. If you are worried about the impact and coverage, do not just pay attention to the center stone. Make sure the side stones are just as pretty as the centerpiece of your ring. The pear shape will have a great impact on the aesthetics of your ring.

There are multiple shapes of stones you can choose from. For the side stone, going for a half-moon shape would be a great idea. They will surely enhance the center stone while keeping the entire ring stunningly classic. If you have budget restraints, choosing a natural diamond for the center and lab-made diamonds for the sides would be a great solution for your ring.

Experiment with Various Diamond Profiles

If you are going for a multi-stone ring, choosing the right stones can become somewhat problematic for you. There are so many options to choose from. You can get a simple round cut or you can opt for an oval shape. In addition, emerald cut and Asscher are always great options for any engagement ring design. The only issue with these cuts is that they all are great in their ways. You will have to choose those two shapes that complement each other the most.

Think of it like this; you only have to choose one engagement ring in life. If you are planning to get a single stone, there would be a substantial amount of pressure on you. On the other hand, if you are going for a multi-stone ring, the pressure would not be that much. There are a lot of options for both center and side stones. You can mix and match to get the best combination for your ring. Also, it would be a lot easier to cater to multiple demands with a multi-stone ring. You can choose various shapes like pear, princess cut, heart shape, and baguette.

Color Combinations

Imagine, you have decided to go with a three-stone ring for your engagement. Now, instead of choosing just one stone, you will have the liberty to choose three for your ring. This feature allows you to experiment with all you want with different colors and shapes. You can mix and match different stones and different colors. Who knows, you could end up with the most beautiful ring ever.

Believe us when we say that your three-stone ring does not have to have three clear crystals aligned perfectly with each other. You can choose from a wide array of colors and stone types. If you have decided to opt for a multi-color ring, you can do that with a three-stone ring, unlike a solitaire ring where you only have one stone in the center.

Choose a Precious Metal of your Choice

The last but not least reason to go with a three-stone ring is the choice of precious metals. You can work with a wide range of metals like gold, silver, and platinum. It does not matter whether you love white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, you will have multiple options to choose from. With all of the stone and metal types at your disposal, you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can design your ring in any way you want.

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