Gold is more than just a bright shiny metal. It was discovered nearly 175 years ago in sunny California by a man named James Wilson Marshall. Since then gold has become an integral part of any jewelry. Now when we hear the word jewelry, our mind automatically goes to gold & diamonds. There is a lot to know about gold if you are planning to buy it for yourself or even as an investment. Furthermore, you may have heard the words like 24K gold and 18K gold.

This article will talk about some of the most frequently asked questions about gold. In addition, we’ll also discuss gold and its different color variations. Let us take you on a golden journey with us.

Difference between Various “Karats” 

The letter “k” with gold stands for karat. This number represents the amount of pure gold in any metal alloy. As you may be aware that pure gold is supple & bendy, jewelers mix it with other metals to make it strong and sturdy. 24K gold is the pure form of gold used in jewelry. Furthermore, jewelers rarely use it because of its softness.

The higher the karats, the purer the gold will be. For example, if you are buying a 10K gold ring, you should know that there is only 41.7% percent gold in that ring. Similarly, 14K has 58.5% and 18K has 75% gold. On the other hand, 24K has 100% gold in it. The price is directly proportional to the number of karats in any jewelry. The higher the karats, the pricier the jewelry.

The color of the gold is yet another indication. If you are buying a 24K gold ring, it would be bright yellow. Similarly, the color would fade down as you reduce the karats. Durability is another factor you need to understand. The higher the karats in an item, the easier to bend that item. If you have decided to get a gemstone, make sure your ring prongs do not bend or break.

Lastly, you also need to understand the difference between a “K” & “CT”. Both of these are the same thing. People in different parts of the world use different abbreviations to describe karats in a gold item. For example, if you are buying a gold item in Pakistan, you will see “k” or “kt” written on that gold item. Similarly, if you are buying gold in North American countries, there will be a “CT” instead of a “k”.

Difference between Rose & White Gold

You may have heard and seen about rose gold or pink gold. That is not the natural form of gold. The natural color of this metal is bright yellow. The jewelers add a little bit of copper in the alloy to give the gold a light pink shade. This type of gold has gained popularity over the past couple of years and it is still going upwards. In addition, many people believe that it is utterly romantic to purpose with a rose gold ring. Opting for rose gold would work in your favor.

White gold was developed to compete with platinum. If you are planning to develop white gold, you should add nickel and zinc to the gold alloy. If you want to get pure white, you should use a low-karat gold alloy. The jewelry made from this type of gold is less expensive, and a lightweight alternative to platinum.

Another technique that people use to make the white gold bright and shiny is the use of rhodium. They use this metal for plating on the gold. As a result, the gold item becomes white and shiny with a harder surface. The only downside of this technique is the proper care and maintenance. If you have plated jewelry, it is highly recommended that you redo the entire process once after a few years.

How to Differentiate between Real & Fake Gold?

If you are having doubts about your jewelry, you should take it to go jeweler to get it checked. But if you do not want to do that, there are many techniques you can do at home to check the authenticity of your gold. First, you need to check the gold for the stamp. If it is a bar of real gold, it will have a stamp on the inner part of your jewelry. This stamp will indicate the number of karats in your jewelry.

Sometimes the stamp gets removed due to some reason. It does not mean that your gold is fake. For example, if you have given your ring for resizing purposes, the stamp would disappear. In addition, not every designer stamps their jewelry. Even if does not have any real gold stamp, there will be some other authentications like gold electroplating and gold plating.

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